Candidate Survey Results 2020 Mount Alexander Shire Election

The responses are in for the 2020 Mount Alexander Shire Election Candidate Survey.

You can digest it in three ways:

1. Every candidate’s response in full

For full results follow these links:

Castlemaine Ward survey responses (10)

Loddon Ward survey responses (3)

Tarrengower Ward survey responses (2)

No responses were received from candidates in Calder Ward or Coliban Ward.

2. See what candidates say on the issues you care about

Do you want to know which candidates care about housing affordability? Or who has ideas on waste? Or tackling climate change?

We’ve done a ‘beta-release’ analysis by theme, which shows how candidates from all wards responded to different issues. It still needs some work on the formatting, but is a good way of comparing the candidates. Check it out by downloading here:

3. Or read on for the overview…

Fourteen of the eighteen candidates responded.

Housing affordability was the issue that candidates had heard most often in their campaign. It was also was the equal most selected ‘top priority’ by candidates, along with waste management.

Action on climate change was heavily supported. All fourteen candidates who responded to the survey said that it is either extremely important or very important that Mount Alexander Shire Council commit to actions which contribute to tackling climate change.

Rates and budget was the equal-second most selected top priority by candidates. However those who selected it as a top priority were split in their assessment of whether current rates were ‘too high’ or ‘about right’. In total eight candidates said the current rates were ‘too high’, two said ‘about right’ and five answered that ‘it’s not that simple’.

On waste, the largest number of candidates said Council’s priority should be working with the community to reduce the amount of waste produced (seven), followed by improving the amount and effectiveness of recycling in the Shire (four). Two said the priority should be an annual/biannual hard rubbish collection, and one reviewing upgrading the waste transfer station/s.

More candidates selected ‘Improving walking and cycling infrastructure’ as their top roads and infrastructure priority than any other issue. However all those who did were from Castlemaine Ward. Five candidates also listed ‘Paths, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure’ in their top three priorities.

Nil response was received from the two candidates who will be elected unopposed (Christine Henderson in Coliban Ward and Anthony Cordy in Calder Ward), as well as Hilton Hazeltine in Loddon River Ward and Max Lesser in Castlemaine Ward. Cr Lesser contacted Democracy For Dinner and indicated that in his view he could not respond to the survey as a sitting councillor.

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