Previous events

Here are a list of previous events that have been hosted in Castlemaine. All live events will be displayed on the Eventbrite widget in the sidebar on the right.



  • November: Talking Treaty” with Rodney Carter – Sally Smith and Bryn Davies with special guest Rodney Carter
  • October: The Republic – an opportunity to do democracy better – Cathy Wheel and Michael Scott
  • September: Industry 4.0 – The Revolution is Here – Carolyn Wallace and Richard Wallace
  • July: What do the 2016 Census results mean for our democracy? – Geoff Turner
  • June: The Surplus Fetish – Warwick Smith
  • May: Post Truth Free For All – Lexi Randall-L’Estrange and Bryn Davies
  • April: Diseases of Desperation – Lara McPherson and Adam Meehan
  • March: Co-designing Policy – Sally Smith
  • Feb: Housing Affordability – Lexi Randall-L’Estrange & Paul Smith


  • November: Digital Democracy, The Potential, The Promises, and The Pitfalls – Adam Meehan
  • October: Rebuilding democracy from the ground up, models for localisation – Geoff Turner
  • August: Education (Is compulsory service the answer to free education? What would this do for youth, culture, diversity, employment and social cohesion?) – Paul Smith
  • June *D4D Launch*Four courses of informed conversation to inform your vote for 2 July 2016” – Jodi Newcombe and Bryn Davies