How can we do democracy better? Richard Walsh in conversation with Gen Barlow and Cam Walker

On March 21st 2018 Localising Leanganook and Democracy for Dinner hosted interstate guest Richward Walsh and local guests Gen Barlow and Cam Walker to discuss ‘How can we do democracy better?‘ with a focus on local and national reform.

Over 80 people attended the event and many stayed on for lively conversation.

We also asked the audience for their views, and here is what they had to say

What next?

Following on from this event, conversations have continued to explore two ideas raised by our guest speakers:

  • Gen Barlow has suggested we consider the Voices for Indi and Kitchen Table Conversation model to engage our community ‘beyond the usual suspects’
  • Cam Walker suggested that a whole of community vision would enable us to galvanise community efforts around a shared goals.

Nikki Marshal, Cathy Wheel, and Lexi Randall-L’Estrange are moving these ideas forward in collaboration with both groups and other members of the community. If any of these ideas resonate with you please sign up to the Democracy Working Group and also send an email to with information on how you can contribute to making them happen.

Events in other locations

If you would like to hold a similar event in your local area or in Central Victoria, and are seeking collaboration or support, please contact us via

Thank you

Thank you again to Cath and Stewart from People Pictures for all their work on the night and afterwards to bring these videos to us and Iain and the team at newDemocracy Foundation for their small grant.

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