Citizen’s Jury and deliberative democracy – case studies

Thanks to everyone who joined in last night for ‘Could a ‘Standing Citizen Chamber’ restore trust and resilience?‘, it was a great conversation led by locals Cathy Wheel and Geoff Turner. The event brief prepared by Cathy Wheel can be found here for those of you who missed in and are interested in an overview of the concept.
Here are some resources for those of you wanting to explore the Citizen’s Jury and other forms of deliberative democracy further in Australia:

Here are some examples from abroad
And here is an overview of our census data for those thinking about what any representative group in our area might look like


Following the event, a discussion paper was prepared to stimulate conversation amongst local groups interested in improving democracy.

If you have any resources you want to share, or would like to write a piece for this website, please contact Lexi via

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